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Est. UK. 1988 now in Canada ( Last Updated: 17 Dec 2015 )

1995 trying some brace work with my good friend Peter Cruttingham

1995 trying some brace work with my good friend Peter Cruttingham with his
black & white 'NOP' a son of John Thomas 'DON' and my Blue Merle.
My nick name is CAT I am a Farmer, Agriculture Training Board Dog Trainer, and Contract Shepherdess. A very enthusiastic and lively character, however I do have a serious approach when it comes to training dogs and their owners. I always tell my training group "we laugh with them and not at them".

The link below has a few photos of my vist.
2013 September I was sent to NZ to be trained  as a Sports Shearing Judge, the first one from Canada.

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Dogs for sale, pictures & pedigrees of Marley hill dogs      
Border Collie dogs for sale (You Tube)

The move to Canada from Waddington Lancashire UK.
A few pictures and early dog bloodlines.

Gathered history of working with my dogs
MARLEY dogs bloodlines and the Past sires used

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I occasionally have trained dogs and selective breed Border Collie pups from both renowned UK International and North American blood lines.

Paul Turnbull


J. Lightfoot


J. Cropper


R. Dean


T. Brownrigg


J.H. Longan


B. Dazile


D. Brady


My prefix for the dogs I breed is MARLEY. All my dogs are kept to high working standards and are in regular use for contract gatherings.

Information on Northern Rural Training who organize pupils for the -A.T.B. Courses , and my own run course.

Ref. ATB-Land based Newsletter "North West Notebook"


Catherine Laxton, a North West Lancashire instructor brings a fresh down to earth approach to Sheep Dog Training. Catherine copes with all comers, complete beginners and problem dogs. Past trainees have enjoyed a course where everyone laughs but not at each other.

Catherine likes to remind everyone that as long as the dog can do the job under control then it doesn't matter if it looks fancy or not. My two year old Lightfoot black Trim, working in Thursden Valley at clipping time.

New 1 day Training Courses 
           Before Buying a Dog. 

  • What to look out for 
  • What to ask the seller 
  • Pedigree breed 
  • Temperament 
  • Workability 
  • The dog's first 6 months 

1 day pre-course assessment of your dog. 

Full course of approximately 8 sessions. 

  • Practical sessions with time for home practice in between classes 

I also was recently interviewed for Working Sheep Dog News Magazine by Aza Pinney.

The courses I run are intended to produce a practical working farm dog under good command.

A three monthly check on progress is available. I also take on dogs to be trained.

At the moment I am enjoying the practical shepherding side. However trailing is something I would like to consider in the future, at the moment though I tend to have my hands full being a Mum, working the farm, training dogs and contract gathering and recent qualified Mole catcher. Also I do work for the Border Collie Rescue as an assessment officer.

 Waddington Fell with young Shep, gathering Swaledale hogs.

Waddington Fell with young Shep, gathering Swaledale hogs.

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Border Collie dogs for sale
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Mrs. Catherine Z Laxton

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