A.T.B. Sheep dog Training Program

The Northern Rural Sheep Dogtraining course is designed for people who, For those who are not yet used to handling sheepa session can be held prior to the course to demonstrate and practice sheephandling techniques.

The aim of the course is to train you tohandle and work a sheep dog. At the same time you will train your own dogso that of command by voice or whistle the dog will,

Course organisation

The way the course is run may vary to suit localcircumstances.

Usually the course lasts for 6-8 sessions at fortnightly intervals, with a group of 4-6 people takingpart.

The venue will be a suitable farm or centrewithin reasonable travelling distance.

The course may be run for individuals ontheir own farm and special arrangements can be made for this.

Course programme

This is based on demonstrations and "havinga go" yourself and will cover the aspects shown under the aim of the course.The exact content of each session will vary according to the progress madesince the previous one by course members and their dogs. It is recognisedthat not all dogs or handlers will progress at the same rate this is takeninto account.

Each participant of the course will be instructedindividually and have an opportunity to practice each of the skills demonstrated.

To get the most from the course you should,Have a dog that is suitable for training, normally under 2 years old, showingan interest in working sheep. It should be in good health, recently de-wormed,fully vaccinated and accustomed to car travel.

You will also need a check cord approximately25 meters long, and attached to the dog collar.

Be able to practice regularly between instructionalsessions THIS IS ESSENTIAL.

Two year old Lightfoot black Trim
My two year old Lightfoot black Trim, working in Thursden Valley at clipping time.

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