MARLEY Sheep Dog Training Centre

We start on the outside of a small round pen and then progress to the inside of a larger round pen, and then into an area of about 1/2 acre. Building confidence for both the handler and the dog. When both are happy we then move into a large field.

First meeting, each handler is asked to run their dog. This will allow me to make an assessments before planning an individual training program.

Assessment of dog for, 

Assessment of the handler according to, Then over a hot drink in the farm house we will discuss general theory of dog handling utilising diagrams, books and videos.

We discuss the individual training program for each handler, relating how we intend to put the theory into practice.

The other members of the group usually watch each other during the run. This is usually an excellent way to pick up tips and techniques that could be used during their own training.

After the run problems are discussed and noted down for the individual to take away with them so that they can work on them before returning two weeks later.

The training progresses once a fortnight at a speed related to the ability of the handler and dogs ability. Since my facilities are permanently set up for each stage of the training it is very easy to deal with all the different levels of the training course for each individual handler in the group.

A Blue Merle just starting schooling
A Blue Merle just starting schooling.

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